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My Introduction

November 15th, 2017

My Introduction

So, this being my very first blog...ever...WELCOME! I have no idea of what each blog will contain until I sit down at the keyboard and punch the keys. It will, however, focus around my photography. I really don't consider myself a "Professional", Mother Nature has that Honor! :-) I sometimes like to look at things in a different way, at different angles, and take A LOT of pictures that I can choose from. Caught the Shutterbug from my Dad. He'd go crazy over the digital age of cameras and editing! I can hear him now saying something like, "What? You're telling me I can take over a thousand pictures, have them stored on this tiny thing that's the size of a postage stamp, empty it, and do it all over again, WITHOUT the chemicals"? Yeah, he'd be fired up over the hobby, for sure! :-)

I am a fourth generation Californian, living in Mendocino County. Taking pictures of this beautiful corner of the Earth is always an adventure! The majority of my shots are no farther than out side my home. The opportunities for pictures of the world of small and up close offers countless options, from a piece of wood with moss on it, to a flower, opened up to the sun, ESPECIALLY in beautiful Mendocino County.

Welcome to my site, my blog, and my pictures! I hope you enjoy them! Oh, and remember to visit for my prints. They are available in the form of standard prints, framed or not, to shower curtains, to coffee mugs, greeting cards, and a lot more! Now let's see where this "Blog" goes off to! :-)